Our Services

In addition to renting and selling equipment, we offer help at every step of your construction projects. Partner with our expertly trained team for the following services:
Crane selection
We’ll work with your project estimators and planners to help them match the right model of crane to their job, and we’ll provide them with all the information they need, including a thorough and honest breakdown of the costs associated with purchase and use of the crane.
Crane purchase
If you already have one or more tower crane models in mind, our team of experienced inspectors will review equipment and estimates and provide you with critical information regarding equipment wear and tear, electrical compliance, machine hours, and technical records. This can save you time and money because it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits of bringing a used crane up to current industry standards.
Crane location
We know from experience that finding the optimal location for a tower crane on your job site can be a complicated process, which takes into account loading and unloading, operator sight lines, and dismantling among many other factors. Skycrane’s AutoCAD design team works with your project co-ordinators to ensure you have the right equipment to address your location’s specific challenges and to provide crane overlay drawings so that you and your entire construction team have a comprehensive visual guide to your lifting operations and how they affect the site.
Foundation reaction calculations
You’ll require a site-specific foundation plan that is certified by a professional engineer prior to installing a tower crane, to ensure that the soil will support the reaction forces that are created by your lifting operations. Along with our global network of engineers, we can provide certified foundation drawings for any jurisdiction.
Erection or dismantling calculations, drawings, and execution
Whether you need a complete team or a trained erection supervisor to work with your own crane crew, Skycrane travels any and everywhere to help our customers with their tower crane erection and dismantling processes.
Through our extended network of both local and long-haul trucking companies, we can provide you with a thorough pricing on transport, to get you the equipment you need, wherever you need it.
Tower crane operator training
Skycrane works with your operators to ensure they’re thoroughly trained to operate their specific machine, from lubrication maintenance to inspection responsibilities to any site-specific operating procedures.
Job site safety procedures
Many factors can create a need for job site-specific safety procedures and anti-collision systems, such as the need for a second crane or other piece of large equipment in an overlapping working zone, or nearby high-voltage power lines, airports, or helipads. Skycrane will work with your team to create a customized procedure to minimize your safety concerns.