Choosing a Tower Crane

Every construction project is unique. Selecting the most effective equipment for your project takes attention to detail. We know the right questions to ask and value taking the time needed to ensure your project succeeds.
A tower crane’s efficiency relies greatly on proper planning and set-up phases
90% of crane accidents are caused by improper set-up
Q: What tower crane is right for my job?
A: If the height of your building is 150 feet, you generally need 200 feet of boom and a capacity of 6,000 pounds at the maximum radius.
Where are you going to position the tower crane?
  • Will this position allow sufficient crane capacity at your project perimeters?
  • Will this position create air rights or over-flying problems with neighbouring structures?
  • Will this position interfere with the project structure or related systems?
  • Will this position interfere with access to the project?
  • Will this position make the erection and dismantle process easier and save costs?
  • Is this the best position for construction material unloading?
  • Is this the best position for ease of storage?
  • How will this position affect high wind situations? Are you able to work downwind?
What hook height is required?
  • Can you freestand this crane to the required height?
  • How much will the crane tower move when freestanding?
  • Will freestanding the crane impact your production efficiency?
  • Will this height allow for rigging of all the loads?
  • Will this height allow the loads to safely clear all obstruction and personnel?
  • Will you have to climb the tower crane above the initial erection height?
  • When climbing, what crane-to-building support systems are available?
  • What is the jib tip height with maximum load?\
  • Does the boom deflect below 0 degrees?
  • How does the height of this crane impact other cranes on site?
What working radius is required to access all areas of your project?
  • Where is the centre of gravity of all loads in relation to the maximum reach of the tower crane?
  • What is the dimension of all loads in relation to the maximum reach of the tower crane?
  • What is the weight of the loads as it relates to the crane capacity chart?
What lifting capacity is required at the maximum radius?
  • What lifting capacity and distance are required for the heaviest load?
  • What effects will wind have on your capacities?
  • What effects will operator control have on your capacities?
What type of tower crane foundation suits the project?
  • Should we use a concrete base foundation with it recessed?
  • Should we use a concrete base foundation with it raised?
  • Should we use a static base foundation that uses central ballast?
  • Should we use a static base foundation that uses concrete anchorage?
  • Should we use a rail travel base foundation with central ballast?
  • What types of anchorage systems are available for the selected tower crane type?
  • How do these tower crane support system costs compare for this and future projects?
  • How does the area wind zone affect the tower crane foundation?
Are you ready for tower crane climbing and dismantling?
  • Do we have sufficient clearances to climb the tower crane?
  • Is the tower oriented in the correct position for top climbing?
  • What mobile cranes are available for the dismantle process?
  • Do you require a special derrick crane for the dismantle process?
  • How will the area’s wind conditions affect climbing of the tower crane?
What does the rental or sale include?
  • Does the supplier have a stock of parts available?
  • What service personnel are available in our area?
  • What parts and services will the contract cover? What is additional?
  • What value of the equipment is stated for insurance purposes?
  • What is the cost of the foundation anchors?
    • Climbing support systems
    • Top climber?
    • Building tie-in arms or braces?
    • Building connection plates?
  • Is the foundation anchorage system per the manufacturer?
  • What engineering services are available for this type of equipment?
  • What are the payment terms of the equipment rental?
  • Does the rental include re-torquing of the tower?
  • Who supplies the lubrication materials for the crane?
  • What length of power cable is supplied?
  • What length of hoist rope is supplied?
  • What tower crane operators are available?
  • Is the operator experienced with this type of tower crane?
  • What if the tower crane operator gets sick? Who is available to replace the operator?
  • Who supplies the crane log book?
  • When can you get a copy of the crane manual?
  • How often do you need to inspect the tower crane?
  • What is the maintenance schedule?
  • What is required of our site personnel to ensure the crane is maintained?