Our Equipment

Skycrane’s fleet covers a wide range of new and used tower cranes, from heavy lift to small, self-erecting cranes. We also rent, service, and install all additional equipment needed for lifting, from Man & Material or independent hoist units, to foundation anchors, to high-rise derrick cranes.

Contact us and our expert team will find the equipment most appropriate for your job site. You can have peace of mind because we support you through every step of your project, from purchase to factory leave.

We support our rentals and sales by offering project support such as configuration drawings, concrete foundation engineered drawings, crane overlap precautions, job site rigging recommendations, and crane camera system recommendations.

What we’re most proud of is that we have no hidden costs. We’ll work with you to provide a comprehensive quote upfront that takes into consideration all important aspects of project costing including erection, dismantling, foundation design and installation, inspections, re-inspections, and bolt certification.

Spare parts are available upon request for all rental and sale units. Contact us and include your crane make/model and the part description/number in your correspondence.


We’re Canada’s largest full-service tower crane rental company, with a modern fleet of Terex Peiner units that are fully CSA/ESSA Electrical compliant and Ontario Structurally certified and all the other equipment and services you’ll need available in-house. The Skycrane engineering department designs tower crane foundations and related components and the machine shop produces foundation anchors, tie-in collars, internal braces, and building connection struts. Our team takes care of every step until the tower crane is installed at your jobsite – and then some – including overhauling every unit before delivery, thoroughly training your crane operator on the machinery, and maintaining ongoing communication between your jobsite and our technical support crew throughout your project. Contact us with your project needs and we’ll set you up with the right crane rental for your job site.

For Sale

While our inventory is constantly changing, the following are a few cranes currently available for sale. You can always contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your specific needs, our current inventory, and crane pricing.

Used Terex Peiner SK 180 tower crane

Height under hook = 48.9 m (160.6 ft)
Working radius = 59.7m (196 ft)
Tip capacity = 2,200 kg (4,900 lbs)
Maximum capacity = 6,000 kg (13,600 lbs)

• Eleven TS-20/S-16 tower sections
• Aerial counter weights
• Turntable with power slip-ring
• Counter jib with hoist winch
• Swing motors with eddy brake and electric slewing brakes
• Operator cab with safety glass and control chair with two-part desk
• Ontario Electric Safety Authority (ESA) certified
• Ontario Structural Inspection Report

Used 2007 KDS TK 4310 self-erect tower crane

Working radius = 88 ft
Height under hook @ 0 degrees = 28 m (92 ft)
Jib luffing 0 – 20 degrees = 41m (134.5 ft)
Tip capacity with 34 m jib length = 1,650 kg (3,630 lbs)
Tip capacity with 40 m jib length = 1,250 kg (2,750 lbs)
Tip capacity with 43 m jib length = 1,050 kg (2,310 lbs)
Maximum capacity two-part line = 2,500 kg (5,500 lbs)
Maximum capacity four-part line = 5,000 kg (11,000 lbs) @ 43 ft


• Auxiliary jib for counter weight installation
• Galvanized tower and jib sections
• Transportation axles (front and rear)
• 17 central ballast weights
• Remote control – radio type and hard wire
• Service and parts manuals

Used Linden Comansa LC 1044

Height under hook = 31.7 m (104 ft)
Working radius = 44 m (144.4 ft)
Tip capacity = 2,700 kg (5,940 lbs) SR @ 44 m
Hoist maximum capacity = 6,169 kg (13,600 lbs)


• Jib sections: AM 190, AM 170, AM 160, AM 150, AM 164, AM 101
• Counter jib
• Cathead
• 18 kW hoist winch package
• Trolley/hook with SR/DR four-part line option
• Operator’s cab with control chair
• Aerial counterweights